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We are called to be a community of faith that supports
the growth and wholeness of
ALL people
the presence of God in everyone.


Central to our faith is experiencing the presence of God through hearing scripture, proclaiming the Word, singing songs that center us in the reality of God and by sharing in the very presence of Christ at an open communion table. We worship weekly in an inter-generational setting, blending both contemporary and classic elements of worship together. From our worship experience we are sent out to follow our call to follow Christ in all aspects of our lives which are centered in prayer, study and service.  We hope that you will join us as God leads us forward.

We believe that the gospel invites us to embody the teachings of Jesus in our words and actions.

Learning in community helps us to grow in our faith.  We value diversity of thought, curiosity and asking questions.  The goal for our study in community is growth and not uniformity of thought.

God has given us all that we have and actively invites us to be good and generous stewards of those gifts.  We the spiritual practice of giving our financial resources and the sharing of our facility to meet physical and spiritual needs.

Prayer fosters our connection with God and helps us to remain grounded in faithful living.

Through weekly worship we gather in community to hear, proclaim and respond to God's word.  The  weekly practice helps us to connect with our community  and offer encouragement to one another in our shared ministry throughout our city during the week.

We can easily get beat up in the world and so we strive to cultivate a community where love, grace and forgiveness flourish.  We encourage open and honest communication tempered with a healthy respect for differing opinions.


A faithful response to the Gospel

Generous stewardship of resources

Dedicated Bible study

Daily prayer

Weekly worship

Supportive Christian community

ore Values

ho we are

what to expect 

At FCC El Paso you will find a gathering of people passionate about serving God through study and mission. Come join us on Sunday and learn more about who we are.

Worship is every Sunday at 10:40 a.m.

Come dressed as you feel comfortable. You will find people in jeans and others in suits. Sunday is a time to be with the entire family and so we welcome all ages in our worship service and in our education hour. Beginning September 23rd, at 9:30 a.m., we have an inter-generational education hour, our unique one room school house for all generations, where the wonder of the child meets the wisdom of the elder.

We are located at 901 Arizona Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79902

Parking is available on the lot behind the church on Nevada. Enter in through the double doors on Ange street for worship, education and for our offices.


hat to expect



On Sunday morning we bring together the wonder of the child with the wisdom of the elder in our one room school house approach to education. During the week, families spend a lot of time in age segregated activities (think work, school and play). On Sunday we value the entire family learning, praying and worshiping together. Join us at 9:30 a.m. as together we explore the same scripture that our worship service is built around.

Faith is a verb and we believe it is essential that our children learn the language of faith and understand the meaning of grace, unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness from a young age.  Preschool parents gather once a month to support one another and engage in activities that help to build a foundation of faith.

Our elementary aged kids gather twice a month after worship to fellowship with one another to learn how it is they can follow Christ daily in a supportive environment.

While we highly value the benefit of creating space for our youth to interact with all generations in our congregation, we also know that they need some time with their peers. Middle school and high school youth need a space away from the pressures of school and social groups to just be themselves and know that no matter what they are loved by God.   Our youth gather twice a month to study, serve, and have fun together.

Scripture and community are central to our faith. We dedicate time each week to study the bible in community, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in our conversations.  Contact us to find our latest adult study being offered.


Inter-generational education

FCC Kids

FCC Youth

FCC Adults


Our inter-generational class as well as children and youth ministries will resume in September.  


This ministry team helps us to make meaningful connections to one another through service in our community.  We are intentional about blurring the line between care specifically for those in our faith community and out in the neighborhood, knowing that Christ is everywhere.  

Part of supportive Christian community is caring for one another.  Our elders go on home bound and hospital visits to pray with and for those in our community who physically cannot be part of our worshiping community.  

FCC extends a wide welcome to everyone!  Hospitality is a big part of what we do on Sunday morning.  Volunteers do a variety of tasks from welcoming worshipers, to handing out bulletins, to providing breakfast snacks, to making making coffee, to preparing communion, to aiding in worship in a variety of ways.  We have sign up white boards outside the sanctuary for people to sign up where they feel gifted and called to serve. 

Each week we seek to provide meaningful worship by seeking ways for the entire community to share their gifts and make an offering to God.

We gather as a whole congregation  four times a year to ground ourselves in the liturgical year and ask how can we tell the life giving message of the gospel through our care of our resources, in our education, in our worship, and in the ways we connect with one another both inside our community and out in the wider community.


Community Connections




All church planning


building use 

We believe that good stewardship of our facility is part of our collective call at First Christian Church. We are happy to be able to share our facility with organizations in our community.   We have a number of organizations that are housed within our building and we also offer our space for occasional use for events and meetings.  We joyfully welcome the following organizations: Primera Iglesia Cristiana Hispana, Narcotics Anonymous, The Mustard Seed Cafe, El Jardin , Arizona Ave. Community Garden & The Quakers of El Paso.

We are actively seeking for organizations to partner with to meet the real needs of the Rio Grande Historic Neighborhood.  If you are interested in office space or meeting space on a regular basis please contact Rev. Leslie Dalstra.  fccelpasopastor@gmail.com

If you are looking for short term use, please follow the process as outlined below.

If you would like to use a space in our facility here is what to expect with the process.
1.Download our building request form HERE ,  return it along with a brief explanation of what your organization does.
2.Submit your form and brief explanation by dropping it in the mail, by our office (Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or by emailing fccelpaso@gmail.com.
3.You will receive confirmation that your form has been received.
4.If another organization has requested the space you desire and is waiting for approval we'll let you know.
5.Allow two (2) months for processing.
6.Once you are approved we will contact you by email.
7. At  that point please send us payment and a copy of your organization's insurance policy.
8.Upon receipt of payment and insurance policy we will confirm your event and place it on the church calendar.
Please refrain from publicizing your event at our location until all steps have been completed. If you plan on advertising for your event, consider submitting your form in plenty of time .


uilding Use

Looking for a home for your organization?

Looking for a space to hold a meeting or event?


FCC is a praying community.  We know that when life gets turned up-side-down and we feel like the bottom has fallen out, we need to know that we are not alone.  We believe that Christ is present in our suffering and we are called to be present with one another when we are suffering.  One way we offer spiritual help when we are in need is by praying with and for one another.  Once you submit your prayer request, it will go to Rev. Leslie Dalstra.  Prayer requests can remain confidential or can be included in our weekly intercessory prayer card.

All physical and mental emergencies should be directed to 9-1-1. 


Would you like us to join you in prayer?


your prayer
has been


Contact Rev. Leslie Dalstra

We are open during the week Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  
Our phone  # is (915) 533-6819

Our administrative assistant is Brandy Wyche.  Her email is fccelpaso@gmail.com

Our board moderator is Beth Pease.  Her email is fccelpasoboard@gmail.com

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